The ENTREPRENEDU project, a Horizon Europe initiative, invites young professionals to embark on a journey of innovation and sustainability on 26th and 27th March in Sofia, Bulgaria.


ENTREPRENEDU focuses on nurturing successful entrepreneurs and fostering groundbreaking technological solutions. Its core mission is to enhance entrepreneurial ecosystems across Europe through education and innovation. With this in mind, the project has initiated a series of three business hackathons named HackTheBusiness, with each competition targeting specific themes, all aiming to support aspiring individuals and teams in their entrepreneurial journey.

Final event: HackTheBusiness Bulgaria

The final event, HackTheBusiness Bulgaria, is set to unfold at the Innovation Forum “John Atanasoff” within Sofia Tech Park on March 26th and 27th, 2024.

This year, the entrepreneurship challenge is tailored for young minds eager to explore the intersection of sustainability and digitalisation. Open to 30 teams comprising students, pre-seed startups, and researchers, the competition aims to empower participants with entrepreneurial skills and provide an engaging environment for unveiling innovative solutions.

The top 4 teams not only stand to gain networking opportunities and prizes but will also have the opportunity to participate in the dedicated ENTREPRENEDU Mentoring & Coaching Programme. This Programme is designed to equip winners with the skills and knowledge needed to transform their pioneering ideas into thriving businesses.


HackTheBusiness is made possible through the collaborative efforts of an exceptional team of organisations and institutions including Fondazione E. Amaldi, Corallia, Cleantech Bulgaria and F6S together with Luiss Guido Carli, Fraunhofer IPK, the European Business Angels Network and University of Thessaly. Their collective expertise and support ensure the success of the business hackathon and provide an ideal platform for participants to thrive.

More information about the initiative is available on the ENTREPRENEDU website.