Winter school on Exploration and Education for Urban Mobility Leaders – EXCEL

EXCEL offers students from RIS countries the opportunity to participate in a Winter School dedicated to equipping them with new knowledge in urban mobility and thus making them active shapers of the future of transportation and sustainable urban planning. Through immersive experiences, students will gain a better understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship in urban mobility and develop solutions in collaboration with experts and stakeholders. During the Winter School participants will also be presented with the EIT UM Master School opportunities, inspiring their further drive for education. Fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, they’ll create impactful ventures, gain insights from industry leaders, explore cutting-edge tech, and engage with local mobility ecosystems.

EXCEL is a collaboration among the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, the Project Aegle Foundation (PAF) which cooperates with Transport Malta, Gozo Regional Development Authority, and industry stakeholders, and Cleantech Bulgaria with established partnerships with Sofia Urban Mobility Centre, Sofia Municipality, the Electric Vehicles Industrial Cluster, and universities.

Grant agreement: 23675

Funding program: EIT Urban Mobility

Budget: EUR 104 032

Start Date: 01.08.2023

End Date: 30.04.2024

Duration: 9 months

Main activities and project goals:

  • Performing needs assessment to identify the knowledge and skills gaps in urban mobility innovation and entrepreneurship, defining the learning objectives.
  • Developing a curriculum that covers relevant topics, including problem analysis, innovation strategies, business models, and sustainable urban mobility soluti
  • Recruitment of skilled and motivated students from all the RIS countries to cover a wide range of geographical locations, ensuring a diverse and global representation in the winter school.
  • Conduction of an online preparatory week and a study visit week in Malta and Gozo.
  • Promotion of EIT UM Master Programmes.

Expected results of the project implementation:

  • Knowledge gap closure in urban mobility through a comprehensive curriculum and hands-on experiences for 40 participants from RIS countries.
  • Active engagement and collaboration between students, industry representatives, and academic experts.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset development and collaborative problem-solving with enhanced industry and city engagement.


Cleantech Bulgaria is a business network for clean technologies, innovation and sustainable development

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