SPREАDing the global potential of developing innovation ecosystems to strengthen INNOvation in regional and local business

SPREAD2INNO brings together different innovation stakeholders – incubators, accelerators, innovation businesses, research organizations, consultancies and networks from crucial European innovation regions, to the cause of implementing scalable, replicable and holistic 2 year program for the provision of high quality business services, and collaboration between different entities of well-connected and less connected regional innovation ecosystems.

Grant agreement: 101071977

Funding programme: HORIZON-EIE-2021-SCALEUP-01

Budget: 999 375 €

Start date: 15.01.2023

End date: 14.01.2025

Duration: 24 months

Main activities designed to achieve the project goals:

  • 6 local events that will provide insight of networking and exploring opportunities across Europe that relate to scaling-up of businesses;
  • An online platform as a single point of reference for information exchange between different innovation ecosystems;
  • 2 intensive educational/training Academies as well as tailor-made feasibility studies for participants;
  • A one-week business case and investor training for finalists delivered through collaboration of developed and less developed innovation ecosystem entities.

Expected outcomes from the implementation of the project:

  • Enhancing the proliferation of new business model for the 120 involved European start-ups, participated in the local events.
  • Giving a highly-replicable system to the involved entrepreneurs, facilitating the access to advanced knowledge and expertise to develop their products/services via the 2 regional Academies.
  • Supporting the 6 most viable and promising ideas and concepts from the early stages to the commercialization of their products/services, through intensive training provided by the partners.
  • Connecting entities from more and less developed innovation ecosystem in order to enhance their capacity, connectiveness and competitiveness.


SPREAD2INNO partners define a partnership between Germany, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece and Italy, including: