Enhancing entrepreneurial ecosystems for education

ENTREPRENEDU brings together different innovation stakeholders and educational entities from 6 different European countries, 3 low/moderate innovative regions (IT, BG, GR) and 3 high innovative regions (BE, DE, IE).

The project aims at creating a high replicable and scalable education model (Venture Capital Program) for both businesses and educational systems via a series of 3 Hackathons, developed at regional level, supporting developed concept and ideas to become concrete solution. The program will be validated at the end of the project in 3 different educational entities, which are part of the consortium.

The concept of ENTREPRENEDU is focused on closing the innovation and educational gap between different regions of the EU, causing unbalanced business activity and fewer job opportunities in less developed entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Grant agreement: 101100507

Funding programme: Elevating the scalability potential of European business (2022.1) (HORIZON-EIE-2022-SCALEUP-01)

Budget: 1 048 950.03 €

Start date: 15.01.2023

End date: 14.07.2025

Duration: 30 months

Main activities designed to achieve the project goals:

  • Analysing qualitatively and quantitatively the needs of low and moderate innovative regions in terms of entrepreneurial know-how in education and best case scnarios
  • Assessment and improvement of business acceleration services, collaborating with developed and less developed innovation ecosystems, quality, capacity, competitiveness, comprehensiveness and outreach;
  • Creation of an educational program to strengthen business knowledge and skills, as well as entrepreneurship in less and moderate innovative regions
  • Bringing together regional high-potential start-ups, youth and, business stakeholders to give an impulse to improve the entrepreneurial systems in the regions targeted by the project
  • Evaluation of the sustainability of the ENTREPRENEDU methodology and solutions

Expected outcomes from the implementation of the project:

  • Enhancement the proliferation of new business model and entrepreneurial skills by directly involving 90 teams of youth in 3 different Hackathons in Bulgaria and abroad.
  • Provision of a highly-replicable model to provide business know how for young Europeans, which will be validated in 3 educational institutions in Italy, Greece and Bulgaria;
  • Support of the 12 most viable and promising ideas and concepts from the early stages to the commercialization of their solutions;
  • Validation of the Venture Capital Program in 2 Universities and 1 VET entity.


ENTREPRENEDU brings partners together to form a strategic partnership between Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Ireland, Greece and Italy.

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