Main objective:

Creating an enabling environment, which will support Young innovators to pioneer a change in the energy efficiency area by setting up highly innovative startups in the Danube macro-region.

What are the main project activities?

  • best practice exchange, models and experience in identification and motivation of individual Young Innovators in regional ecosystems and their connection to ecosystem actors;
  • development of the Danube Energy+ Tool as a pre-acceleration learning scheme for Young Innovators
  • boosting their competences to start successful ventures;
  • pre-acceleration programmes development and running; cooperation with regional stakeholders, Hubs creation and operations and regional policy sustainability and support.

How can you get involved in Danube Energy+? The Danube Energy+ Tool!

If you have an innovation energy solution, apply for the Danube Energy+ Tool – a pre-acceleration programme for young people with early-stage innovative green solutions.

Why apply?

Thanks to the Danube Energy+ Tool – pre-acceleration programme:

–  You will have the support of leading mentors, trainers and experts in the fields of sustainability and green business growth

–  You will learn about business marketing strategies, your competitors, your idea’s key selling point and other key ingredients of becoming a successful business

– You will present your developed business idea in front of a jury, mentors and potential investors

– You will meet and connect with like-minded people

Apply for the programme here:

Download the Open Call Document to get informed about eligibility and selection criteria: DanubeEnergy_Open_Call


If you want to parttake in the Danube Energy Tool Pilot as a mentor or evaluator, then:

Download this application form, fill it in and sent it to together with your signed CV.

The Application period closes in:








Who is involved in the project?

  • Young Innovators
  • Regional public administrations,
  • Universities,
  • SMEs
  • Business supporting actors

The project is co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)

Budget in Euro

Overall: 1864354

ERDF Contribution: 1.318.195,3

IPA Contribution: 139.729,8

ENI Contribution: 126775,8

Start date                       End date

01.08.2018                      31-07-2021

Application period for the Danube Energy+ Tool pre-acceleration programme: 28th January – 28th February 2020

Programme (Danube Energy+ Tool) duration:  March- April 2020

Coordinator of Danube Energy+ from Cleantech Bulgaria:

Dianka Alexieva – Communication Manager

   Project co-funded by the European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)                                   


                                            A stream of cooperation


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