As the coordinator of Climate Pact activities in Bulgaria, Cleantech Bulgaria participated in the third edition of the Spinoff Conference, held on June 20 and 21 at Sofia Tech Park. During the conference, the ideas and mission of the European Climate Pact were highlighted.

Mariyana Hamanova, Executive Director of CleanTech Bulgaria, spoke on the main topics of the Climate Pact and their significance for Bulgaria. Her presentation, titled “Addressing ESG Challenges in alignment with the EU Climate Pact for business growth and sustainability,” emphasized the importance of the Climate Pact’s mission to raise awareness about climate change, inform European citizens about EU environmental policies, and encourage positive climate actions.

The Climate Pact aims to stimulate positive change and empower people to take climate actions in their professional and personal lives,” said Ms. Hamanova. She emphasized that living more sustainably can start with simple actions, such as teaching children to dispose of waste separately. Ms. Hamanova also introduced the role of the Pact community, which includes ambassadors, coordinators, civil society, and key partners.

The 24 Bulgarian ambassadors of the Pact demonstrate daily how living in harmony with nature can impact the climate,” she noted.

The Pact ambassadors include innovation professionals, founders of eco-friendly businesses, writers, journalists, and NGO leaders. The complete list of ambassadors for Bulgaria and other member countries is available on the on the Pact’s website.

Ms. Hamanova also showcased the activities of CleanTech Bulgaria, a network for innovation and clean technologies that supports various solutions for efficient resource use and a greener economy. One key initiative is the “Twin Transition,” which aids small and medium-sized businesses and startups in meeting EU sustainability requirements and redesigning processes for greater sustainability. Cleantech Bulgaria also facilitates technology transfer and commercialization in collaboration with major Bulgarian universities and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Additionally, Ms. Hamanova introduced the Sustainability Academy, an online educational platform offering easy-to-learn training materials for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform provides practical resources, including local examples, templates, and quizzes on topics such as ESG, to help businesses implement sustainable practices.

About the European Climate Pact: The European Climate Pact is an EU initiative inviting individuals, communities, and organizations to take climate action and build a greener Europe. By sharing ideas and collaborating, the European Climate Pact aims to foster a movement toward sustainability and environmental responsibility.