CleanTech Bulgaria is a partner in project BG05M2OP001-1.002-0019: Construction and development of a Center for competence “Clean technologies for a sustainable environment – water, waste, energy for circular economy” valued at nearly 24 Mln. BGN

The objective of the project is to build efficient infrastructure and research capacity to develop innovation in the circular economy with a focus on water, energy and waste management.

Three vertical and four horizontal modules are at the core of the Centre for Competence concept. The vertical modules are “Waters”, “Solid Waste” and “Transfer”. The Water and Waste Modules will work on “Monitoring, Evaluation and Identification of Problems” and “Clean Technologies” – creating clean technologies. In both modules, horizontal priorities include activities on the circular economy and the achievement of energy and resource efficiency through:

1 / Innovations through efficient operation of the water and wastewater treatment facilities of the water supply and sewerage networks;

2 / Increasing the proportion of renewable energy sources and alternative energy sources by obtaining biogas, bioethanol, biodiesel, hydrogen, hydropower plants, combined with the technology for bioremediation of sediments and solving critical environmental problems;

3 / Recovery of resources such as phosphorus, precious and rare metals, bioremediation of sludge, soils and sediments which have accumulated toxic pollutants;

4 / Receiving alternative resources – zeolites from ash, slag, kekoke, new construction and composite materials from waste, RDF fuel quality fertilizes from composting installations, microbiological mixes for detoxification and others.

All activities in the CC will be incorporated into an electronic cloud for the exchange and rapid use of information, as well as for its structuring in specialized electronic cards.

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Cleantech Bulgaria is a business network for clean technologies, innovation and sustainable development

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