Ready for the ESG (environmental, social, governance) challenges

ESG (environmental, social, governance) is a European set of standards for environmental, social and corporate governance that leads to sustainability and success. Thanks to the project, Cleantech Bulgaria will gain the necessary expertise on the ESG benefits and will subsequently advise companies how to successfully implement it. Under the project will be prepared and piloted ESG training among Bulgarian SMEs and start-ups, who will get acquainted with the European ESG framework and obtain valuable knowledge how ESG will help their business be environmental and at the same time sustainable, profitable and successful. In addition, the project envisages events with the participation of the Norwegian partners for presentation the European best ESG practices.

Contract Number: 2022/360493

Funding Programme: “Business Development, Innovation and SMEs” under the “Innovation Norway” instrument of Norway Grants

Budget: 86 140 €

Start date: 21.04.2023

End date: 20.04.2024

Duration: 12 months

The main project activities include:

  • Design of ESG framework – practical guide for SMEs
  • Design of ESG training module and activities
  • Piloting of the ESG training among SMEs and start-ups
  • Online networking events on ESG practices
  • Final event for presentation of European best ESG practices with the participation of the Norwegian partner.


ESG Practical Guide For SMEs

You can find our ESG Reporting and Framework Practical Guide HERE

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