Nasekomo is a biotech company that rears Black Soldier Fly (BSF) in order to transform organic by-products into animal protein.

We develop an efficient, sustainable, and fully automated system that converts agro-industry organic by-products into insect biomass, which is in turn processed into an animal protein alternative for aquacultures, pigs, poultry, and pets.

Nasekomo prevents the inefficient usage of agro-industrial by products. In this way, we lower not only the GHG emissions, but also the carbon footprint of the feed industry in Europe.

Circular economy;
Waste management
Clean Industry

Key Milestones achieved by 2019:
Closed sales; Pilot customers; Pilot manufacturing facility in operation; Investment readiness in increasing the company’s production capacity by 25 times and building the first industrial factory

Ксавие Мерсенак, Главен изпълнителен директор
Яна Балникова, Главен проектен мениджър
Марк Болар, Директор развойна дейност

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