MariTech Talent Project

The project will develop a twin transition INTRApreneurship skills development programme, bringing maritime industry professionals and innovative enterprises with concrete digital solutions together in a two-way learning experience.

The MariTech Talent program aims to provide a standardized service for green and digital skilling and upskilling, tailored to address the industry’s specific needs while making an exponential contribution to wider impacts under the “human-centered and ethical development of digital and industrial technologies” destination. It focuses on applying a systemic approach to the use of technologies within society and industry, with a particular emphasis on the needs of maritime companies and their workforce. It is an innovative training approach that provides standardized development of twin skills and competencies through technological adoption, thereby promoting the modernization of the maritime industry.

The consortium of 5 partners, led by Cleantech Bulgaria in it’s role of coordinator, Benevent (Bulgaria), Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus), ATHENA RS (Greece) and Chrysalis Leap (Cyprus) will offer a holistic framework for twin skills acquisition and that can be applied transversally, while at the same time can meet the specific learning needs of each company in the maritime industry, the project applies a dual collaboration model for program development and an intrapreneurship model exploited for the training framework.

A hybrid South-East collaboration node will be created providing both a digital and onsite arena for co-creation and exploitation of the MariTech Talent Programme. The collaboration node will involve the participation of maritime industry representatives, higher education and VET providers, responsible national and regional authorities in Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece and at the same time secure the direct involvement of Pan-European key industry skills initiatives’ representatives.

Grant agreement: 101135888

Funding program: Horizon Europe

Budget: 499 375.00 EUR

Start Date: 1 December 2023

End Date: 30 November 2025

Duration: 24 months