Cleantech Bulgaria is the Country Coordinator in Bulgaria for the Activities of the European Climate Pact

For a second year in a row, Cleantech Bulgaria is the official country coordinator in Bulgaria for the European Climate Pact activities. Our community of ambassadors is growing actively, and we are happy that with the beginning of the new year we will be welcoming more supporters of the Pact community in our country.


What is the European Climate Pact?

The Climate Pact is an opportunity for people, communities and organisations to participate in climate action across Europe:

  • learn about climate change
  • develop and implement solutions
  • connect with others and maximise the impact of these solutions

As part of the European Green Deal, the Pact aims to become a lively space to share information, debate and act on the climate crisis, and offer support for a European climate movement to grow and consolidate. As our community grows, so will the scope of the Pact’s activities. Be sure to check in regularly to find out about our latest developments.


How can I participate?

Anyone can be part of the European Climate Pact. In fact, we encourage all to participate in any way they can!

There will be many ways to take part. Here are some of the first:



What are the Pact’s objectives?

  • Raise awareness of climate issues and EU actions
  • Encourage climate action & catalyse engagement
  • Connect citizens and organisations that act on climate and help them to learn from each other


News and events

Stay up to date with the latest national, regional and local climate action across Europe. To get news delivered directly to your inbox, subscribe to the European Climate Pact newsletter!


Learn about progress towards climate goals, tips on how to be climate-conscious and the projects Pact Ambassadors are working on within their communities.


Interested in getting involved in climate action? Here you’ll find a multitude of upcoming events and information on how to register.



Do you have ideas for Pact activities or suggestions for new and innovative ways people can get involved? Contact us.

Cleantech Bulgaria is a business network for clean technologies, innovation and sustainable development

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