Agrobomb is helping agro producers to find environmentally friendly products suitable for production and bioproduction of crops, technical and ornamental plants. We are developing microbial biofertilizers based on a combination of different microorganisms with various positive effects on both plants and soil.

Our first product Grow and Protect (G&P) was created to increase yields (25-30% after just the 3rd use), raise resistance of the plants to diseases, and improve of soil fertility and plant health.

Industry: Agriculture, Clean Industry Microbiology, Biotech

Readiness level: Phase 1
Validated business model. Functional prototype. Sample series. Proven metrics. Pre-sales. Incorporated company and identity. Initiated certification for sales in the EU.

Tsvetana Licheva, PhD, R&D
Veronika Koleva, Business Development

Cleantech Bulgaria is a business network for clean technologies, innovation and sustainable development

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