Os implants is a startup company that is inspired by the idea of personalized medicine.
We are a team of young people covering all the key disciplines needed to start a biotechnological business.
We built a 3d printing platform that can print personalized medical implants.
Our project targets the veterinary and the human medical implants industry.
This technological solution is finding implementation in orthopaedics, neurosurgery, thoracic surgery and dental medicine.
Our innovative approach to materials and technology provides better solution for the patients. The personalized medical implants manufactured by os implants have a significantly smaller negative effect on the environment.
We have successfully validated the technology for 3d printing with peek, as well as the protocols for the sterilization of the products. We are planning to innovate in the field of materials we work with and to develop new markets to cover.

Health services;
Technology for medicine
Innovations in medicine

Key Milestones achieved by 2019:
Validated printing technology; beta products; pilot customers; marketing strategy and brand identity platform; key partnerships

Vanyo Vezirov, co-founder

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