InnoEnergy Master School

InnoEnergy Master’s School is the go-to-destination for tomorrow’s energy professionals.
Join our dynamic community to:
- Kick-start your career:
- Build your own network:
- Expand your horizons:
InnoEnergy's Master School programmes share many distinguishing features. All combine the best technical training in energy engineering with essential skills in entrepreneurship. Leading technical universities, business schools and energy corporations lend their considerable experience and futuristic visions to the course contents, and participate actively throughout. In addition, extensive use is made of remote labs, online seminars, video-conferencing and virtual study visits in a truly international setting.
Study at two top universities
Our strength comes from our 12 leading university partners and two business schools. They are all leading within their fields and rank among the best in Europe. This guarantees high quality courses and teaching. Our strong international mobility concept means that you spend your first year at one university, your second year at another. Most programmes also have the possibility for a summer school or internship.
Get a double degree
After successfully completing the programme, you’ll receive a double degree, one from each university.
Chance for a scholarship
We offer exceptional students scholarships up to 750€/month
Added value activities
Each KIC InnoEnergy Master programme includes ‘added value’ activities that can’t be found in any other programmes. For example, you will get the opportunity to attend summer schools, study visits, guest lectures and internships with participation from leading European energy companies.
Industry partners
The support from some of the biggest players in the energy sector, including ABB, Total, Iberdrola and EDF, gives you the possibility to connect with your future employer whilst still studying on the Masters programme.


Study at one of the seven master programmes:
1. Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy
- The MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy programme explores ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and enabling integration with cleaner, sustainable alternatives.
2. Innovation in Nuclear Energy (EMINE);
- The MSc EMINE programme teaches tomorrow’s nuclear engineers how to address the key technical, social and environmental challenges faced by the industry today and in the future.
3. Energy Technologies (ENTECH);
- A broad-based education in a variety of key engineering disciplines. A focus on the inter-disciplinary aspects of the sustainable energy sector.
4. Renewable Energy (RENE);
- Offering a holistic view of renewable energy, the MSc RENE programme focuses on technologies and business strategies that will have the greatest impact on the cost, security, and sustainability of our energy supply.
5. Energy for Smart Cities;
- MSc SENSE enables you to develop the engineering and entrepreneurial skills needed to understand, design, implement and manage smart grids, which are a critical electric component in the creation of a more sustainable power supply.
6. Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems (SELECT)
- MSc SELECT is where you can learn how to make a real contribution to minimizing the environmental impact of current and future energy systems.
7. Smart Electrical Networks and Systems (SENSE)
- MSc Energy for Smart Cities programme  enables students to play a critical role in shaping a rapidly urbanizing world, and exploring how to create smarter, more sustainable and resource-efficient communities.
Master School in Sustainable Energy:
 -get a Scholarship up to €750/month
- study at 2 out of 11 Top European Technical Universities
- work with the Biggest Energy Companies
- get Internships and Business Trainings
- get a Double Degree
You can apply from 27 th February 2017 to 30 th April 2017: HERE

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