Bulgarian diaspora in world science

The first round table focused on the cooperation between young scientists based in Bulgaria and the scientific diaspora was held on 12.19.2016 in Sofia Tech Park. Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria (MES) has made a clear commitment to more effective policy aimed at improving the economic and social status of Bulgarian scientists and the creation of attractive conditions for research and support, and collaboration between the Bulgarian diaspora and the scientific organizations in Bulgaria. Cleantech Bulgaria actively supports the MES in realizing these goals.
On the 19th of December from 14:00 to 16:00 pm. in the Business Incubator building, Sofia Tech Park, a round table "Bulgarian people in world science" is organized. During the event, a discussion is planned, on appropriate measures and forms to intensify collaboration between scientists in Bulgaria and abroad.
This event  marks the beginning of a series of activities focused on strengthening the partnership and network among Bulgarian scientists and the forming of partnerships between the scientific diaspora and the Ministry of Education to improve the quality of current and future national policies.

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