Sofia Innovation Run – Online Handbook


Development and modernization of courses in innovation and entrepreneurship in higher education institutions in Bulgaria – recommendations and best practices

The online handbook is part of Sofia Innovation Run initiative - one of the 42 projects, funded under Sofia’s municipality “Programme Europe” in 2017. The project was implemented by Cleantech Bulgaria with the courtesy of Innovation Starter.

It is specifically developed for university teachers – academics, professors, assistant professors etc. and aims to provide recommendations and guidelines for modernizingand advancing the current state of entrepreneurship and innovation courses in Bulgaria, following the model of practical and interdisciplinary approach. Special focus falls ondeveloping the courses in such a way that provides key knowledge and skills needed to create a new generation of professionals, responding to the contemporary needs of thesociety.

The online handbook is based on good practices in the field implemented in different EU higher education institutions and is compiled according to the specific needs and challenges of the national higher education institutions.

Responsibility for the information and views set out in this handbook lies entirely with the author and does not reflect any general opinion on the topic. It is rather atempting to initiate a structured dialogue and provide a support to the relevant stakeholders in developing the basis for thriving innovators and active entrepreneurial culture.

You can download a copy of the handbook here!