Green labyrinths

"Labyrinths of Knowledge" is an educational broadcast that popularizes of the science and technology. The participants are mainly from the science field which use their achievements to create new solutions for some of the  problems that humanity faces.
As part of the broadcast, Cleantech Bulgaria foundation in partnership with BNR, starts a new radio program: "Green labyrinths". It is aimed at entrepreneurs with "green" business ideas or owners of start up companies in the field of the clean technologies that want to achieve positive climate impact.
Guests of the program will be starting entrepreneurs that are involved in Cleantech Bulgaria projects. Professionals from Cleantech Bugaria are going to share with you their knowledge how to successfully start your own green business and how to fund it. You are going to learn more about  the resources, financial support, tools and the coaching that foundation's programs offer you.
In the first episode of the rubric Magdalena Stefanova shares conclusions and impressions from her participation in the first edition of Climate-KIC Accelerator - 2016. Magdalena is a founder and CEO of CocoFarm, a platform which moves the world's live-stock farms away from spreadsheets and paper to an intelligent Enterprise resource planning powered by  Internet and Cloud technologies.
Our radio program will broadcast on the last two Thursdays  of the month from 15.30 p.m. to 17.00 p.m.
We are going to publish links to the episodes of the rubric on our webpage.
You can listen the first episode: HERE
You can listen to the second episode: HERE
You can listen to the third episode: HERE
You can listen to the fourth episode: HERE