“Cleantech Bulgaria” Cluster

Cleantech Bulgaria Foundation is a leading member in "Cleantech Bulgaria" Cluster which  is an NGO, founded with the aim of supporting the sustainable development of Northwestern Bulgaria on the basis of strategic business partnership – consortium for achieving “critical mass” for joint scientifically applicable projects when creating and integrating of clean technologies, development of new products and innovative services in industry and healthy lifestyle.
The main goals of the cluster are:
  • Mobilize resources (human, material and financial) of its members to develop innovations in the area clean technologies and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Support the development of circular economy in the areas of water, waste and energy to achieve a clean environment, sustainable use of natural resources, transition to a low carbon economy and sustainable spatial development of cities and regions.
  • Enhances the competitiveness of its members by developing their potential, increasing their productivity, increasing production value and expanding export capacity;
  • Build national and international affiliate networks to promote the development of innovation and clean technologies for clean environment, healthy lifestyle, sustainable use of natural resources transition to a low carbon economy and sustainable spatial development of cities and regions;
  • Promotes cooperation in the implementation of international, national and regional innovation projects and stimulation of the development of innovation and research for the advancement of a healthy lifestyle, clean technologies in the fields of water, waste and energy to achieve a circular economy;
  • Develops and sustains research and development in the area of clean technologies, biotechnology, education, health, information technology and society;
  • Helps increase the role of “Cleantech Bulgaria” cluster at national and international level.
On January 30 th.  were filed documents about categorization for procedure” Development of clusters in Bulgaria”  We are happy to announce that “Cleantech Bulgaria” Cluster is now categorized as a developing cluster.