I consider Cleantech Bulgaria team a development partner who has proven to be creative in problem resolution, reliable in time commitments, and overall consistent in meeting our expectations. Since we started our work together, they have shown us how to go outside the box and reach new fields we never thought to establish. This partnership have brought the company many valuable contacts and opportunities to grow our business.

Cleantech Bulgaria is an endless source of great innovative ideas run by young open-minded people, who will never step back. They all have the great energy and believes in creating better future.

Angel Chureshki, CEO, Make Bulgaria

We are pleased to cooperate and work together on various projects with Cleantech Bulgaria in the past few years.

We have always managed to find and perform different formats of cooperation that have been of great value to us and our business. Being part of Cleantech virtual society helped us gain useful contacts and get us informed on current trends in the field of “clean technologies”. We have had numerous opportunities to present our business to the right audience and to lay the foundations of successful partnerships.

One of the most remarkable qualities of the team of Cleantech Bulgaria is that they are constantly at the service of their partners – identifying appropriate activities, always ready to provide most up-to-date information and available to help with their expertise.

We recommend Cleantech Bulgaria as a reliable partner.


Elena Andonova, Marketing Manager, SAC

When we have come up with the idea of M Cube, we had no clue what awaits us and what it means to be Start-up. In search of prospects and opportunities for our product, fate accidentally met us with Cleantech Bulgaria. The professionalism, proactivity and enthusiasm of the team led to the promotion of M Cube, winning various competitions for innovation, and best of all - a partnership that grew into friendship!

Thanks to them we manage to harmonize our high-quality work with our face to the world. Cleantech Bulgaria are generators of countless innovative and memorable ideas.

Mr. Jordan Angelov, CEO MTechnologies